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CCCME Introduction (video)


China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) is dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of the machinery and electronic products of China and upgrading the industrial structure by advancing the trade and investment cooperation, upholding fair trade and liftingthe overall strength of Chinese companies.


CCCME is committed to building itself into the most influential and representative international organization with comprehensive service systems, advanced service measures, established services brands and diversified service products.


----Founded in 1988, CCCME is the largest organization in foreign trade of machinery and electronic products in China.

----CCCME has nearly 10,000 member companies, including both leading SOEs and SMEs representing the industry as a whole.


----Facilitate international collaboration for leading industry enterprises

----Provide policy recommendations to the government

----Promote trade growth and boost two-way investment

----Safeguard fair trade

----Enhance international exchange

----Build trade show platform

----Provide information and technical services

----Organize corporate training


Industry Branches

---With its 25 industry branchescovering automobile, solar energy/PV products, ICT, electric power, rail transportation, household electric appliances, machine tools, light industrial machinery, petrochemical equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment, aviation-aerospace products and etc., CCCME proactively contributed to the industry by regularly releasing research reports, holding working group meetings, and organizing no less than 40industry exchanges each year.

Global Partners

---More than 100 MOU partners worldwide

---Liaise closely with foreign embassies and consulates in China

---Strong connection to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad

Working Mechanisms

---Chairman Office of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) Business Council

---Chinese Secretariat of China-Russia Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products (CRCCCME)

---Chinese Secretariat of China-Italy Business Forum (BFIC)

---Chinese Secretariat of China Provinces and US California/Michigan Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation

---Chinese Industry Organization Representative to SINO-German Advisory Committee

---CCCME Taipei Office

---CCCME Working Committee for Industry Self-discipline

---CCCME Working Committee for Trade Facilitation

---CCCME Financial Working Committee


---High-level trade promotion activities overseas

---Jointly develop over 30 economic and trade forums each year with various international counterparts

---Over 120 trade shows at home and abroad every year

---China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

---Conduct enterprise credit rating assessment

---Carry out the selection of CCCME-recommended export brands

---Organize over 10 training courses on economic situation analysis, policy interpretation and foreign trade practice