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Benchtop dispensing robot for epoxy resin with automatic cleaning function

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1. CAD file download capability allow changes to dispensing path. 2. The XYZ axis with 2 linear guide rails, more stable. X, Y, Z axis equipped with 3. imported bilinear guides and precision stepper motors, which run more stable than similar products, the load is higher. 4. Z-axis brake motors, greatly increased the stability of the equipment and motion accuracy, when that 6kg maximum z axis load will remain in a upper position after switching off the power. 5. Machine is able to operate without PC control 6. program edit via teach pedant, Lines, Circles, Arcs, Continuous Paths, 3D linear interpolation. 7. Instead of traditional manual operation mode 8. Repeatability of 0.02mm 9. Resolution 0.001mm

Detailed products discription


Benchtop dispensing robot for epoxy resin with automatic cleaning function


Patent NumberZL 2010 2 0120750.X





1.Feed system of 2pcs of 4 liter tank and 1pcs of 2 liter tank ,Reservoir Tanks are used to feed bulk fluids to a valve


2.Valve is Precision suck back valve, close glue quickly,ensures no dripping



3.High precision liquid controller system.




Good for precision dispensing low to medium viscosity liquids (less 10000cps),mixing ratio from 1:1-1:3 by weight



Liquid Material:Epoxy resin,AB Glue, ab adhesive,epoxy glue ab,two component,two part/2 part(ab)epoxy glue


Packing capacity:tank (0.5liter,2liter,4liter,20liter can option)









X/Y/Zworking   range

300   x 300 x 100mm

400   x 400 x 100mm

500   x 500 x 100mm

Dimensions   (WxDxH) mm

500   x 580 x 610

600   x 680 x 610

700   x 780 x 610






CE   Approved

XY/ZMaximum   Load

10   kg / 3 kg

XY/Z   Speed

800/350   mm/Axis

Data   memory capacity


Display   way

LCD   display

Drive   System

Precision   micro-stepper motor


Timing   Belt/ Precision Linear Guides

Edit   Programming

Handheld   Programmer

 I/O Signals

4   Inputs / 4 Outputs


3DLines,   Circles, Arcs, Continuous Paths, XYZ

simultaneous   (CP) 3D

Power   Supply

AC110V/220V   Internal conversion

Working   Temperature

0 40

Relative   Humidity

2090% (no   condensation)


Help you more :


· Increase production efficiency

· Promotion processing precision control

· Improve product quality

· lower production costs, reduce rejected product

· Eliminate material waste


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Linna wang


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