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Two in five EU babies born out of wedlock
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A man cradles the tiny feet of a baby (generic image) 
Two in five babies were born outside marriage in the EU in 2011, with numbers more than doubling since 1990, the EU's statistics agency says.

In 1990, 17% of all live births were outside marriage compared with 27% in 2000 and 40% in 2011, Eurostat figures for the 27 member states reveal.

Greece registered the fewest births (7.4%) outside marriage in 1990 while Estonia saw the most (59.7%).

The UK saw 47.3% - fewer than France (55.8%) but more than Germany (33.9%).

The same report found the highest divorce rate in 2011 in Latvia (four divorces per 1,000 persons), and lowest in Malta (less than one).

In 2012, for every person aged 65 or older in the EU, there were four people of working age, Eurostat said.