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CAFOR Experts Guided Bamboo Utilization in Africa
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 Founded in 1958, Zhejiang A&F University (ZAFU), coming directly under the auspices of Zhejiang Province, is a comprehensive university located in Lin’an City (just west of the popular tourist destination Hangzhou). Following the spirit of “Perseverance and Striving for Eminence,” ZAFU has blossomed into a multi-disciplinary university featuring agriculture and forestry and offering bachelors and masters degrees in 9 disciplines, such as agriculture, engineering, management, literature, science, law, economics, medicine, and art.

ZAFU has 17 teaching schools, colleges, and divisions offering 54 undergraduate majors, among which are 4 national level majors as well as 12 key and key development provincial majors. ZAFU has 1 first-class provincial discipline of high level importance, 1 second-class provincial discipline of high level importance, 3 first-class provincial key disciplines, and 5 second-class provincial key disciplines. ZAFU is authorized to award 10 first-class master’s degrees and 14 Master of Agricultural Extension degrees. Students are recruited from 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. At present, ZAFU has over 24,000 full-time students, comprised of nearly 20,000 undergraduate students, 1,100 graduate students, and 3,500 international and continuing education students.
Composed of East Lake and Yijin campuses, covering nearly 167 hectares, and having 600,000 square meters of building space with over RMB 200 million worth of equipment, ZAFU has 1 National Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 National Key Laboratory Breeding Base, 2 Provincial Key Science and Technology Innovation Service Platforms, and 6 Provincial Key Laboratories.
ZAFU also has a 1,600 strong team of staff and faculty of which 1000 are teachers with more than 470 faculty members having senior professional titles. Additionally, ZAFU has 2 shared academicians, 1 member elected as the National New Century Talent, 1 member selected for the China Global Expert Recruitment Youth Program, 1 member selected for the Provincial Global Expert Recruitment Program, 3 Provincial Young & Middle-aged Experts for Outstanding Contributions, 5 professors specially engaged by the provincial government, 76 members included in the Provincial 151 Talent-cultivating Program, 4 provincial level outstanding teachers, 18 discipline leading teachers from among province-wide universities, 1 National Teaching Group, 1 Provincial Teaching Group, 8 Provincial Key Innovation Groups, 4 national outstanding teachers, and 16 members with special government allowances.
In recent years, the university has won 1 Second Prize for National Teaching Achievements and 3 First Prizes for Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievements, has offered 3 National Excellent Courses and 23 Provincial Excellent Courses, and has provided 1 Innovation Experimental Area for Zhejiang Provincial Talent Training Mode and 7 Provincial Teaching Demonstration Centers for Basic Experimentation. ZAFU, which is endeavoring to innovate and offer entrepreneurial education, has, in the past three years, had undergraduates win 615 prizes in national and provincial competitions.
In recent years, about 3,000 national and provincial award projects have been carried out at the university. Among them, one project won Second Prize in the National Technology Invention Award. In addition, ZAFU, as a key participant in another project, has won Second Prize for the National Technology Progress Award. Moreover, five projects have won First Prize for Science and Technology at the provincial level; 510 papers have been retrieved by SCI, EI, and ISTP; 164 patents have been authorized; and 206 monographs have been published.
ZAFU promotes international exchange and co-operation and has built up collaborative, joint education and academic relationships with 40 universities and academic institutes in more than 20 countries and regions, such as the USA, Japan, Canada, the UK, Australia, Korea, and Sweden.
ZAFU adheres to a people-oriented value system that strives for development of a campus culture featuring ecological improvement. Presently, Zhejiang Ecological Cultural Research Center is being established with modern buildings and facilities in a setting of great natural beauty surrounded by mountains and water. This makes ZAFU a most suitable place for learning, teaching, and conducting research, which is why the Ministry of Education and the State Forestry Administration have honored ZAFU with the title National Civil Ecological Education Base.
Gathering wisdom and strength from students and teachers, ZAFU will insist on development themes of enhancing intension and promoting transformation, of improving quality, of following the university’s medium and long-term development plans, and of striding toward its goal of creating a domestic university famous for its ecological and entrepreneurial activities.