Ningbo Yingsheng Import & Export Co., Limited.

Main Products: Brazilian NBR Plug Insert...


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Ningbo Yingsheng Import & Export Co., Limited.

  • Business Model:

    Trading Company,Manufacturer

  • Main Products:

    Brazilian NBR Plug Insert

  • Major Markets:

    North America,South America,Western Europe,

  • Location:

    zhangqi district, Cixi,Ningbo,China,

  • Official Website

  We specialize in Hollow POWER PLUG INSERT,RCA PLUG and PHONE PLUG.which is appliable to different countries. Our plug insert is featured by Hollow brass pin and obtain European approvals from Germany (VDE). DESCRIPTIONS: 1) We got 3 national invention patents and 1 international patent for seamless hollow brass pins. 2) 5 VDE certificates for our plug insert. 3) ROHS & REACH ,PAHS certificates MATERIALS: 1) H65 BRASS STRIPES WITH ROHS AND REACH 2) G30 PBT WITH ROHS AND REACH TECHNIQUES: 1) the invention tecniques of hollow brass plug pin. 2) automatic production 3) high-tech plating EQUIPMENTS: 1) more than 70 sets punch machine of high-tech continuous press. 2) more than 300 sets auto machine tools of high-tech and standard. 3) more than 40 sets of high-tech computer-controlled injection mould machine. 4) independent professional workshop to develop mould. 5) technological eletro-plating:environmental friendly & professional QUALITY: 1) Superior materials,H65 brass stripes and G30 PBT 2) Excellent techniques and invention 3) Good business partner 4) Perfect after-sale service.

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Ningbo Yingsheng Import & Export Co., Limited.